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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where and in which year was Maestros incorporated?

Maestros was incorporated in the Year 1972 at Mumbai.

2.  What is Maestros revenue and profits for recently concluded quarter and for last 12 months?
March 2011 Standalone Consolidated
Revenue (in lacs) 3906.17 4178.13
Profit (in lacs) 250.15 367.01
3.  What is Maestros 5 year revenue and profit CAGR?
5 years Standalone Consolidated
Revenue (in lacs) 8.92 10.37
Profit (in lacs) 34.45 45.16

*Figures of subsidiaries Maestros Middle East (FZE) (incorporated in year 2008) and Maestros Equipment Services Private Limited (incorporated in year 2011) is included in consolidated CAGR.

4.  What is the credit rating of the company?

The credit rating of the Company is 'CARE BBB-' and PR 3

5.  When is the AGM (Annual General Meeting) held?

AGM for 2011 was held on September 29, 2011 in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

6.  What is the date of release of financial results?
Quarter Ending Release Date
June 2011 August 11, 2011
September 2011 November 5, 2011
December 2011 31 January 2012
March 2011 15 May, 2012
7.  Who are your auditors?

R A R & Associates are the auditors for Maestros

8.  When did Maestros have its Initial Public Offer (IPO) and what was the issue price? Was there any follow on offering/ bonus?

Maestros became listed entity on Stock exchange in the year 2001, the listing was pursuant to scheme of amalgamation.

9.  In which stock exchange are Maestros shares listed and what are the codes?

Maestros equity shares are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE](Script Code: 501209)

10.  What is Maestros ISIN code?

Maestros ISIN code is INE408E01027

11.  How many shares are outstanding?

As of September 30, 2011, Maestros had 4,373,260 shares outstanding.

12.  How do I buy Maestros shares?

Maestros shares can be purchased from the open market [Bombay Stock Exchange] in India through the registered stock broker.

13.  How do I record a change in my address?

For physical holdings please send a letter, duly signed by the first holder, stating the new address and folio numbers, address proof, ID Proof of the shares you own to our Share Registrar

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An acknowledgment will be sent to your new address confirming the updating of the change in our records.
In the case of dematerialized holdings please write to your Depository Participant (DP) intimating them of the change and ask for a confirmation that their records reflect the new address.